Silence (Not) Of The Lam

Silence (Not) Of The Lam

Friday, May 28, 2010

MPS Father's Day challenge May 2010

My father passed away when I was in high school. 
It will be 40 years next month ... I still miss him so much!


  1. I thank you for the well wishes on my blog today. It is hard to craft when you are so sick. I had my cricut since last year and never used it.

    I am trying really hard to craft this year. I am only 53 but man do I feel older. Rsd is really a hard illness. It is a illness of the central nervous system. It is extremely painful too like the other conditions.

    I craft when I feel like dying, but so want to do it. I hope to meet someone here soon. I moved here over a year ago but when you are sick it is so hard to get out and meet people. wish me luck in finding a crafting buddy, lol.

    chris at turnedgypsy blog I love your projects. I am so glad to get ideas from all of you

  2. Hello there Miss Lucy!
    your card came out PERFECT my friend:)Sorry to hear about your Dad! He is always with you in spirit & I know he has a HUGE smile on his face looking from above @ this BEAUTIFUL card you created:)
    Big HUGE HUGS,